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Breathe easy. You do what you’re good at, I’ll do what I’m good at, and together, we’ll get the job done!

Becoming afreelance Virtual Assistant has been a great decision for me personally. I have the opportunity to assist Business Owners from a variety of industries, all requiring solutions tailored to their needs.Seeing firsthand the difference my services can make to others is truly satisfying. Whilst at the same time I amconstantly challenged and my own skill set continues to grow. If required, I do have available staff that canassist me withany overflow work howeverfor the most part you willdeal directly with me. My aim has always been to provide exceptional, on-going service to a selection of great clients.

I do confess to having a special interest in streamlining and implementing office procedureshowever generally I just enjoyutilising my organisational and administrative skills, with the aim of helping my client’s reach their goals. With any task I am asked to assist with the end goal has always been, and will remain to be, client satisfaction. As my mission statement says "I aim to provide a level of service so good, my clients will spread the word for me".

Administration in business is unavoidable, it’s ongoing and how efficiently it is performed can directly affect business growth. None of us can be an expert at everything. Remember, the bits you actually enjoy? Your time should be spent working on the areas of the business that require your area of expertise. Life is a journey we should enjoy and a little help can go a long way to ensuring this happens.

Do you get tired of being constantly busy where you have little time for your own life? Sometimes you just need reliable help to sort some personal tasks out and it’s hard to find time to do that. It can be even more difficult finding a person you can trustwith these tasks. A business relationship is like any other in life, it takes time to build and so by choosing to work with Five Star PA youwill deal withthe same consistent person allowing the trust, expectations and understanding to grow. When you pick up that phone to make the call, the person on the other end will actually know who you are. So if at times you feel a little over-whelmed, that's OK,breathe's available!

Virtual Assistance offers acost effective way of receiving high calibre support

Why? You only pay for the time you need. It’s an ideal situation for businesses that are not in a position to or simply choose not to employ someone full time. No more paying for downtime or worrying about the fluctuations in your work flows. You only pay for the hours that are actually required to complete your tasks. No need to worry about providing staff benefits, finding that elusive employee and my services are a tax deduction. Alternatively you may only have/need an office junior yet you want to ensure your procedures are effective….if there’s a better way to do something I will discover it! That’s what I do...

We are not temps! There are no comparisons

With a Temp there is no consistency. Sometimes you get a good one, sometimes you don’t andvery rarely do you get the same person twice. Working in an ongoing relationship with your very own Virtual Assistant really is like having your own external team member. Whether you require assistance on a weekly basis or a more casual basis, you will always deal with the same consistent person you know and who knows you and your business. The trick is to find an assistant that takes the time to know you and one that you feel has the qualities you’re looking for.Here an articleyou may find interesting on Virtual Assistance.

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